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MR. SUN (2014-2018)

There once was a guy.
And his name was Mr. Sun.
Mr. Sun was a really happy guy, and he loved his life and the sunshine.
But there was only one thing that dimmed his spirits…
He was bad at English.
And that made him really sad…
So, he decided to go to England, to go and learn English.
Because that’s the best place to learn English right?
And so off he went to England. And he got one of the finest English tutors the land had to offer. And everyday, he got hammered into his head: ENGLISH, ENGLISH, ENGLISH.
And he tried to understand, and digest the material, but he just couldn’t do it. It clogs up his brain.
And this got him very mad. And on the day of the final exam he tried his best, but he still failed.
And that made him even more mad… Because he couldn’t understand why he wasn’t able to learn.
And through his despair self loathing and confusion, he turned to alcohol cigarettes and hard drugs to numb the pain.
And so he drank and he drank, and he huffed and he puffed, until he slowly became but a shell of his former self…
In a way he turned himself into a mere receptacle for the intake of substances…
And as he continued onto his path of self destruction, he began to shine a little less each day…
Until he was unable to shine at all. 
Because Mr. Sun, through the nature of what he was, only knowing how to shine was unable to pretend, and pretending is learning.

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