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Little Jimmy

Little Jimmy lives in a box.
A small box made from wood.
He was put inside the box a long time ago.
So long ago in fact that Little Jimmy knows nothing else about life than from inside his box.
There are although small gaps between the wooden boards in his box that let Little Jimmy see through to the outside world.
Little Jimmy only goes where his box will take him.
And he never knows where his box will take him.
Little Jimmy was once loaded onto a train going to South America.
He was once cargo on a ship coming from Japan.
He got strapped to a truck in Iran.
Little Jimmy was on a plane to Spain.
A tractor pulled him to the Equator.
You get the picture.
Little Jimmy has seen it all.
Well at least from the cracks in his box that as I mentioned are very small.
Little Jimmy likes his box.
It doesn’t show him too little or too much.

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